Technology and trading experience

We have years of experience writing electronic/algo trading platforms for clients large and small around the world. We understand the business side as well as the technological challenges in creating robust, reliable, fast and scalable solutions for traders and brokers. This combination of the business knowledge and technological know-how makes us unique in otherwise crowded technology outsourcing market.

Main areas of expertise:

  • High level design of algo/electronic trading platforms
  • Algo/electronic trading development using C++, Java/Scala, C#.NET, Python
  • Using embedded systems, such as [FPGA](/content/fpga-financial-applications), in algo trading applications
  • Developing user interfaces, both web and desktop GUI, for trading platforms
  • Back and regression testing of trading algorithms


We have worked with a number of tier 1 investment banks in London and New York, developing and supporting mammoth trading platforms with billions in daily turnover volumes. We have engaged with small scale clients, individual traders and fintech startups, building bespoke algos and designing and creating complete trading platforms from scratch. We have always delivered the best possible results and provided the solutions our clients needed.

Our vision

We always aim to provide the most pragmatic and reliable solutions to our clients. The world of electronic/algo trading is driven by many factors, where technology is a key, but not the only one. We take into account all aspects of the solution that we think might affect the immediate as well as long term prospects of what we are building for our customers. We believe that in the future we will be able to deliver even better results, as the overall state of the technology improves, our experience widens and new opportunities for profitable trading appear.

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