Algo trading software solutions

Welcome to SoftTech Int, the home of bespoke algo trading software solutions for the 21st century.


We have decades of experience in algo trading development, acquired both in major investment banks as well as working for small scale clients around the globe. Large and small systems - we have seen them all, and helped our customers to trade the way they wanted.


We are specializing in development of fast, robust and performing systems. From trading web interfaces to the application of FPGAs in algo trading context - we can do it! Please get in touch to learn more how we can help you to achieve your algo/electronic trading goals.


We choose the technology that is suitable for the task at hand and for the long term, not the one that happens to be in fashion this month. We take all points into account, including technology, business case, availability of support and human resources to provide further customization, etc.

Asset classes

We have experience with different asset classes, including, but not limited to, equities, FX, options, futures

Flexible teams

Aside from our core of developers, we work with a few trusted and extremely experienced freelancers, so that we can deliver projects quickly even when substantial workload is anticipated. This is important in the age of fast moving markets, when a once profitable idea can become outdated very quickly


Please contact us to discuss your specific needs further.

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